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Got any Questions?

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1. How is Freshie's Veggie Box different from others?

We source from source and provide farm-to-table, fresh and delicious vegetables in a Box delivered to your door - Our vegetables are as fresh as we can possibly get them! We have the shortest possible lead time between collecting the vegetables from their farms to delivering to your door.

We offer a wide range of vegetables (more than 100 types!) imported by flight from a wide range of countries such as the US, Australia and the Netherlands, which are provided according to different seasons. 

2. What is your company all about?

Our Veggie Box offers a convenient way to shop for fresh vegetable produces you'll absolutely love - and feel good about buying. We collaborate with premium producers all aver the world and import the vegetables of highest quality.

3. What can I expect in the box?

The box content changes daily based on what is in season and available. You can expect each box to be filled with a range of high quality and fresh produce. 

4. Where are your produces from?

We import from around the world. Countries include: The USA, India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, France, Peru, Mexico, South Africa, Bulgaria, Canada, Turkey, Costa Rica, Belgium and Chile.

Our criteria for our suppliers has to be balanced with the desire offer enough variety and consistency for our customers, and most importantly offer vegetable produces of the highest quality. 

5. What discounts are you currently offering?

Free delivery on all Box products.

Please follow our instagram (freshie.hongkong) for our news, we offer discounts from time to time.

6. What if I am not familiar with some of the produces in my Veggie Box?

Apart from familiar vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli and cabbage, we offer some less common vegetables to accommodate a wide range of preferences and diets. Our website (click here) posts new recipe ideas and tips that may inspire you.

7. What is in the Veggie Box that I am going to order today?

Our seasonal veggies and fruits all want a place in your box! As we guarantee the freshness of your juicy green bites, they are hand-picked daily, in rotation, to satisfy your discerned palate.

If you have a special preference/ disfavor, please feel free to tell us! 

We will try to accommodate, and make sure you get everything you like.

8. Is there any minimum order?


9. How far in advance should I place my order?

Orders need to be placed at least a day earlier in order to be delivered the next day. 

11. How will my delivery stay fresh?

Your items are stored and packed in a temperature controlled area and delivered in a refrigerated van. 

12. How do I store my produce?

Please keep your produce in the refrigerator, set to no warmer than four degrees. This helps all the vegetables last longer.

Greens such as lettuce, celery and chard may need hydration and will perk right up if given a cold water bath in the fridge.


1. How do I pay?

Payments can be made in one of the following ways:

a.  Credit Card (Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express)  ---> On our website

b. PayMe ---> Through Whatsapp (852) 9765 3188 / Email order (


2. Are my payment details secure?


We use Stripe, a safe software platform, for payment transactions. The SSL encryption security avoids any third party from seeing any personal information that is passed between your computer and our website. Our company will at no time be able to view your credit card details.


1. Do you charge for delivery? 

No. Free delivery for ALL BOX ORDERS.

For Group Purchase Products, free delivery for orders above $400.

2. Where do you deliver?

Please refer to our delivery areas (click here).

3. When will my Box be delivered?

If you order before 10:00 am, your Box will be delivered the next day.

If you order after 10:00 am, your Box will be delivered two days after.

4. Can I choose my delivery time?

We are always seeking for the most efficient way to get our Veggie Box to your front door.

When making your order, please specify your preferred delivery timeslot.

Note that delivery is made only between 13:00 - 17:00 in some areas specified here

5. Do I need to be home to receive delivery?


We want our service to be as convenient as can be for you. It would be great if someone is at home during delivery timeslot. Please notify us if we can leave the product at the concierge or reception. We can leave it anywhere you think is safe - which could be as simple as leaving it by your front door.

Freshie! is not responsible for any loss or damage for your unattended box.

other problems

1. What if my produce is missing/ bad quality?

We provide 100% Quality Guarantee. You should receive quality produce.

Please feel free to call our orders desk or send an email to Please click here for more details. We will gladly offer you a refund for the value of the produce after investigation. Our team of loving service staff will address any of your concerns.

2. Why did my deliver not come?

Hopefully this is only hypothetical. There are reasons that a delivery order may not arrive - such as poor weather conditions. Please contact us to make an inquiry.