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Connect with your Food - And Connect with your Health!

You are what you eat. We believe in the power of healthy eating. Everyone knows that the food you eat is directly related to your health. Every bite you take connects you to the earth, and it provides vital nutrients to your mind and body. Vegetables form an important part of healthy eating and ofer a source of many nutrients including fibre, potassium and vitamins, making them a superfood. 


People in Hong Kong like you are always busy for work and not even have the time to shop for cooking ingredients from supermarkets or grocery stores. Eating out is an unhealthy habit. We, however, understand the role food plays in building healthy lives, families and communities. That's why we strive to help you change such habit by maximising your convenience in obtaining healthy ingredients affordably. 

We make it simple to eat a seasonal and healthy diet. Our Veggie box is highly committed to sourcing the best vegetable products grown from farmers with a commitment to people's health. The result is delicious and fresh food that you feel good eating.

Recipes - Inspiring seasonal ideas to make

               the most of your Veggie Box!

There is nothing better than good home cooking made with fresh ingredients!

Here, we have put together our favourite veggie recipes to give you cooking ideas and show you what could be made with our Veggie Boxes!


This easy stir fry comes together in the time it takes normally for your Chinese takeout joint to deliver, but is much healthier.


This recipe brings a much maligned vegetable to the centre of the table. The tender and sweet falvours of the vegetable are paired with savory sauteed shallots and earthy mushrooms!

spring pasta.jpg

This simple pasta recipe stars spring vegetables - escarole and asparagus. Escarole cooks quickly and is perfect for wilting into pasta dishes and soups!


This salad tastes indulgent but is absolutely virtuous.

penne with brussels.jpg

This delicious recipe of multi-grain pasta and Brussels sprouts makes a scrumptious side for roasted turkey, roasted beef or baked ham.


It makes a huge bowl which is good enough to serve a crowd!

Super simple to make.


This edible centerpiece will transform the table at your next gathering. It is not only beautiful but delicious too!


You would never guess that within this comforting Tex-Mex casserole hides a layer of thinly sliced eggplant. 


This is an easy squash recipe that you must try! Green chiles add some zing to this colourful side dish that can be served alongside fish, beef or pork.


This easy, delicious and flavourful pesto sauce makes a perfect topping for all kinds of pasta dishes and meats.


Roasted vegetables is one of the best ways to maximize their natural flavours. It is super easy to make!

roasted pork tenderl.jpg

This unforgettable dry rub is created for the pork tenderloin in this dinner recipe. Sides of homemade pickled cabbage and garlicky polenta round out the meal.


Making tofu tastier can be as easy as tossing it in a knowckout sauce like this Sichuen-inspired peanut dressing!


Serve this quick vegetable soup as an appetizer, or as a side dish for lunch or dinner.


Use seasonal ingredients to make a satisfying salad for your light meal!


Fresh vegetables add crunch and flavour to plain egg salad. These low-calorie wraps are ideal for a casual lunch gathering or for taking on a picnic.


This simple recipe gets a boost of umami from crispy pancetta. Using frozen vegetables keeps things quick, but substitute fresh peas and pearl onions if you prefer.


This healthy vegetarian take on the Mexican stew pozole gets lots of flavour from poblano peppers, ancho chile power and dried herbs and spices, while cannellini beans provide substanece, protein and fiber.

Broccoli is a superfood powerhouse that is high in fiber. While it's delicious served steamed and raw, it would be great to eat it roasted in the skillet.


Pecans, red onions and parmesan contribute texture and flavour to this easy and quick broccoli salad that makes a great easy side dish for almost any protein.

loaded potato bowl.jpg

We top the puree with broccoli and chicken to make a complete and satisfying meal!


Enjoy the classic BBQ flavour sandwiches with filling vegan seitan/ wheat meat. A side of sweet potato chips makes the perfect pairing for a fast weeknight meal.


Munching raw snap peas may be the purest way to enjoy their natural sweetness, but sauteing the pods and adding a sprinkle of friend shallots and a squirt of lemon juice ups the flavour factor while still keeping things simple.


The perfect immune-boosting and cold-busting vegan smoothie is ready to leave you feeling shiny, new and refreshed!


Use cauliflower rice to turn classic cucumber-avocado sushi into a low-calorie snack! This roll is vegetarian-friendly. Make them as you eat instead of letting them sit.


Enjoy a sweet glaze on beets to help balance their earthy flavour. This simple recipe works with steamed carrots, rutabaga or turnips as well.


This pie recipe is seasoned like a pumpkin pie with much cinnamon and nutmeg and gets nice ginger flavour from the gingersnap crust.

Good Storage Habits

It is very important that your bag contents are appropriately stored within the arrival day. Please note the following good food habits that you should follow:

1. Wash produce prior to consumption/ cooking

2. Refrigerate all diary

3. Separate raw foods from cooked foods

4. Clean your fridge regularly - the arrival of our boxes is a good opportunity!

5. Freeze or refrigerate your leftovers

6. Wash your hands and food contact area frequently

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