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Fuelling a Happy, Healthy Work Environment

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Step away from unhealthy energy-sapping snacks and give your team a boost with our Premium Office Fruit Delivery.

Healthy teams make for a happy and more productive workplace, so why not make this the year that you up your snacking game at work? Opt for a staff perk that really delivers – our great-tasting, expertly selected premium fruit boxes, office essentials and seasonal specials.

We deliver premium, fresh and delicious fruits to your office. As a specialist provider of high quality fruits, you can be guaranteed of an efficient and reliable service that is convenient to you, and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Benefits to your Company

  • Enhance mood and boost your staff morale

  • Increase energy levels and productivity of staff

  • Promote a healthy lifestyle for your staff

  • Reduce illness in the office

  • Help to prevent overeating and maintain a healthy weight

  • Improve your company's image


  • Free delivery for orders over HKD1000

  • You can specify the date of delivery

  • We deliver to most areas in Hong Kong; Surcharge may be required for some remote areas

Note: Please order at least one week in advance for our arrangement.


Premium Quality & Fresh

All fruits are imported, seasonal and of premium quality with stringent quality inspection.


We tailor your order and ensure you are 100% happy with our products and services. 

A Hassle-free Service

Our service is designed to free your time and effort. With 24/7 Customer Service that is efficient and reliable.

Reasonable Price

Fruits are offered at affordable price and can be fixed according to your budget.

Wide Fruit Range & Distinctiveness

We are passionate about discovering and delivering a wide range of fruits to you, especially those that are less commonly found in the Hong Kong market.


Flexible ordering in terms of forms, products and duration with no contracts.

What Plan Can You Choose?


Fixed / Tailor-made

Fruit Bags

  • Features:

  1. Fruits are separately packed with beautiful design and ribbon

  2. Either to eat at-your-desk or take-home - a big help for companies with rotating staff

  3. Eliminates altogether any perceived risk of cross-touching contamination

  • Quantity: Each bag contains 5-8 fruit items

  • Fruit content: We have bags with fixed, seasonal fruit content. You can also freely choose the fruit items.

  • Price of each Fruit Bag: HKD30 to HKD100 (content can be adjusted according to your budget)



Corporate Fruit Boxes

  • Features:

  1. Can be put in common area for sharing

  2. You can freely choose the variety of fruits and the quantity of each fruit items 

  3. Can request for individual packaging for each fruit for hygienic reason

  4. Protective lid and an enclosed box

  • Quantity: Tailor-made

  • Fruit content: Seasonal fruits that you choose

  • Price of each Fruit Box: Subject to the content (content can be adjusted according to your budget)



Corporate Fruit Boxes

  • Features:

  1. Can be put in common area for sharing

  2. Hassle-free - we set the content and quantity of fruits for each box

  3. Can request for individual packaging for each fruit for hygienic reason


Contact Us

If you have any enquiries, or would like to directly communicate with us, please:

  • Email to info@freshie; 

  • WhatsApp to (852) 9765 3188; 

  • Call us at (852) 2868 5630; or

  • Fill in the form on the right.

We will contact you shortly. Thank you.

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