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This Box contains 10 items and weights 8-10 kg, serving 4 or more people for around a week.


Packed with a well-round variety of seasonal, honest-to-goodness vegetables. Our seasonal veggies all want a place in your box! As we guarantee the freshness of your juicy green bites, they are offered in rotation, to satisfy your discerned palate. Each box contains leafy greens/ crucifer/ edible plant stems, marrows/ roots/ alliums and delicious fruits (help you discover new inspiration in the kitchen!).If you have a special preference/ disfavor, please feel free to tell us. We will try to accommodate, and make sure you get everything you like.


Bursing with the freshest, tastiest, highest quality hand-picked vegetables, this box will give you all the goodness you need to take on the world everyday. Your vegetables are delivered in boxes designed to protect from bruising.


Great value and a good box to start off with. It's a great choice for bigger families of 4 or more members, or people who cook frequently.


*Not a customisable box

* Worths over $700 

All orders have a freshness guarantee.

Jumbo Veggie Box (Big)

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  • We always put in the first priority your satisfaction with our produces.


    If you find damaged/ missing item(s) in your Veggie Box, please contact us for a possible re-delivery or refund.