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Dutch eggplant is a type of eggplant plant that began to be developed in Bogor in 1941. Besides having extraordinary health benefits, Dutch eggplant also has many benefits for beauty. Among them is being able to delay premature aging which you can experience.


Dutch eggplant has a sweet sour taste and gives a refreshing effect. Eating Dutch eggplant provides health benefits for the body. When eaten raw, eggplant has a somewhat bitter, but pleasant taste and spongy texture. Once cooked, though, the taste becomes more mild and a bit richer. It also takes on a soft, creamy texture.


There’s certainly no shortage of ways to enjoy eggplant! While it can be eaten raw, eggplant is even most wonderful when it’s grilled, baked, braised or cooked and pureed into a dip.

Signature Jumbo Eggplant (The Netherlands) 1 pc

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HK$35.00Sale Price
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