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Our Ecuadorian Yellow Pitaya has a crisp, juicy texture and a very sweet, tropical flavor with floral hints and no acidity. Sweetest and finest of all pitahayas. 100% sweetness when riped.


The moment you put it in your mouth, it overflows with extremely sweet juice (and seeds) and melts smoothly with each bite, making it multi-level textured yet an amazon-river (in your mouth) experience. You may be put off by the seeds yet they give that extra texture to the overall taste.


Overall, it has extremely good taste with great nutritional benefits, that’s why it so special compared to the rest.


Our Ecuadorain Yellow Pitayas are 100% fresh, safe and qualified. We have a strigent quality control on our products.

Yellow Pitaya (Ecuador)

HK$58.00 Regular Price
HK$55.00Sale Price
  • We always put in the first priority your satisfaction with our produce.


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