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This Box contains 8 items of fresh and seasonal fruits, and weights approximately 4-6 kg, serving 2-3 people for 1 week.

Packed with a well-round variety of seasonal, delicious and fresh fruits imported from around the world. Items in the Box change weekly based on quality and seasonality- As we guarantee the freshness of your juicy  bites, they are offered in rotation, to satisfy your discerned palate.


.If you have a special preference/ disfavor, please feel free to tell us. We will try to accommodate, and make sure you get everything you like.


The items are delivered in boxes designed to protect from bruising.

Great value and a good box to start off with. It's a great choice for a family's consumption in one week.

*Not a customisable box
* Worths over $650
All orders have a freshness guarantee.

We make a swap in your bag from time to time to make the most of what is at its seasonal best.

Fresh Fruit Box (Medium)

HK$618.00 Regular Price
HK$518.00Sale Price