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This Box contains 8 items of healthy office snack box, and weights approximately 4 kg, serving 2-3 persons for approximately a week.


We all know how hard it can be to eat healthy at work. The constant supply of sugary, trans fat loaded healthy snacks for work sitting on the breakroom table requires too much willpower to avoid. Here comes a recommendation for all health-conscious hardworking ladies and guys - our Healthy Office Snack Box!


Packed with a well-round variety of seasonal, honest-to-goodness healthy office snacks. Items in the Box change daily based on quality and seasonality. Examples include Australian avocadoes and fresh fruits from around the world.


Great value and a good box to start off with. It's a great choice for 2-3 persons' consumption in a week.


*Not a customisable box

All orders have a freshness guarantee.

Healthy Office Snack Box (Big)

HK$448.00 Regular Price
HK$338.00Sale Price
  • We always put in the first priority your satisfaction with our produces.


    If you find damaged/ missing item(s) in your Veggie Box, please contact us for a possible re-delivery or refund.

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