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Boost your immunity against the coronavirus by taking in the stringently imported nutritious vegetables and fruits! The items in our newly launched Immunity Booster Food Box are recommended by professional nutritionists for enhanced vitamin C-intake. 


Our Immunity Booster Food Box (Big) contains 8 of the below items of your choice:


  • Yellow Capsicum from Holland (341.3 mg vitamin C)
  • Organic Lemon from Spain (112.4 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Strawberries from Japan (97.6 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Papaya from USA (88.3 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Broccoli from Japan/ Australia (81.2 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Kale from Australia/ Spain(80.4 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Orange from USA (51.1 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Gold Kiwi Fruit from Korea (64 mg vitamin C per cup)
  • Avocado from Australia (contains 20 vitamins)
  • Onion from Japan (28.5 mcg of folate & 11.8 mg of vitamin C per cup)
  • Wild Ginger Root from Taiwan (over 10 vitamins & minerals present)
  • Jumbo Apple from Japan/ USA (107 mg of potassium)


*Subject to availability. In case of inavailability of a particular item, it will be replaced by another item of equivalent value

*Adults need a minimum of 75 mg of vitamin C per day. More is always a good idea. 


100% fresh, premium and diversified. 


Immunity Booster Food Box (Big)

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