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Red Egg tomatoes are unusual and versatile. They make a distinctive, tasty addition to salads, sandwiches and stir-fry dishes.


The Red Egg tomato is unique in its versatility and shape. Its unique egg shape is what distinguishes the Red Egg from ordinary plum tomatoes. The egg shape also means it can be cut into attractive even slices, making it perfect for salads and sandwiches. The even slices ensure that any dishes made with Red Egg tomatoes do not simply taste delicious, but also look beautiful.

A unique characteristic of the Red Egg tomato is also its higher proportion of flesh compared to other tomatoes, which gives it a fuller flavour. This means the Red Egg tastes delicious on its own as well as in sauces and soups, where you can really bring out its full flavour.

Red Egg Tomatoes (The Netherlands) 500g

HK$58.00 一般價格
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