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Mid-Autumn Fruit Hampers and Baskets

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Mid-Autumn Fruit Hamper Collection 

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Whether you love to cook, wish you had time to cook or hate to cook, we've got a box type that will help you eat and be well - It's like having a farmer as your personal produce shopper, or food delivery from a farmers market. Take the hassle out of shopping with our value packed Veggie and Fruit Box!

Veggie Boxes

Contents of the boxes change daily according to what's in-season and fresh. Our boxes are curated each week based on the freshest produce around the globe available. 

Fruit Boxes

A gorgeous mix of the best quality of fruits which are invigorating and nutritious. Our fruit is the fresh and tasty way to keep you happy and healthy.

Full Cases 

Suitable for either home cooking for many people, or restaurant use. We help source all sorts of vegetables and fruits of the best quality at reasonable prices.

Holiday/ Gift Hampers

Make someone feel extra special! A fresh fruit delivery is suitable for any occasion all throughout the year and our fruit hampers are guaranteed to impress your lucky recipient. 

Veggies & Fruits

Add a little sweetness to your day with your chosen veggies and fruits now. We select only the best items for you to enjoy.


Your weekly grocery essentials, delivered in one easy box. Skip the lengthy supermarket queues and get premium vegetables and fruits at a better price.

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of health! Give someone free range of our premium shop to the value of this little card.

Other Forms of Collaboration

Contact us for any form of collaboration. 


100% Fresh and Tasty

We select the freshest vegetable produce just for you from all over the world during different seasons to deliver the most delicious, nutritious and highest-quality vegetables in our Veggie Boxes. Vegetables arrive at your place within 4 days after harvest.


Globally Sourced & 


We specialise in offering a variety of produce from around the world in our Veggie Boxes. We cooperate with over 100 growers and farmers under numerous suppliers. They come with different sizes, weights, and varieties, including some rare, expensive vegetables. You get to try a wide range of vegetables in one go!


Delivery Right to your Door

You don't have to spend time purchasing and comparing vegetables at supermarkets or grocery stores. The freshest vegetable produces will come to your door with just a click.

Why You'll Love Us?

Freshness Guaranteed

We advocate #farm-to-table practice. We only source premium, fresh produce to you.

Affordable Price

Up to 30% cheaper compared to equivalent quality in retail.

Sourced Gloablly

The best seasonal produce from around the world.

Diversity of Produce

A wide range of vegetables form around the world in one Box.

Delivery to your Door

Refrigerated delivery service of your Box to your door in 2 to 4 days.

Effective Customer Service

Satisfaction guaranteed with our 24/7 effective customer service team. 


NASAA Certified Organic

Australian Certified Organic

Safe Quality Food


Freshcare Certification


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